Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{Gifts 74-95}

#74 - enriching conversation

#75 - crafting and chatting while good music plays

#76 - getting to teach his class and his sheer excitement over it

#77 - the freedom found in giving issues over to God

#78 - remembering not to lean on my own understanding

#79 - a gorgeous February day spent with my mom doing all sorts of things girls love to do and literally stopping to smell the roses

#80 - quiet solitude and hot coffee before dawn

#81 - hearing birdsong through my open windows

#82 - the peace of knowing I'm never alone

#83 - my mom making one of my very favorite flavorful and nutritious meals

#84 - watching my children set, work towards, and reach goals

#85 - the body life of a church family

#86 - the lingering scent of fresh laundry

#87 - technology that connects me to people I love

#89 - joy in knowing Jesus

#90 - comfortable shoes

#91 - a house full of people that make me smile

#92 - listening with excitement to what God is doing in someone else's life

#93 - seeing God's faithfulness through the testimony of others even in the most difficult of times

#94 - the sweetness of strawberries this time of year

#95 - the first scent of orange blossoms

For these and more I am grateful...

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