Sunday, February 3, 2013

{Gifts 56-73}

#56 - more back porch basketball games

#57 - Florida in winter

#58 - open windows and laughter blowing in with the breeze

#59 - peanut butter and apple slices with him outside after school

#60 - studying the book of James in our SS class

#61 - miles walked and lives shared with a friend on a cold, sunshine morning

#62 - that I can teach piano lessons in my slippers

#63 - seeing the eagle that frequents our neighborhood soar above our home

#64 - uplifting conversation and laughter with two sweet young women of God over Mexican food

#65 - sunlight streaming through our front window

#66 - that ordinary day when my Kari Jobe station led me into an amazing time of worship

#67 - shopping with my mom and Madi for the upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance

#68 - her sweet anticipation of this date with Daddy

#69 - hearing him read and being amazed how he continues to progress

#70 - teachers and children that work so hard and report cards that reflect this

#71 - how incredibly refreshing that frozen yogurt tasted

#72 - the smell of garlic bread in the oven wafting through our home

#73 - my new sign covered in truth and what it reminds me in a glance

For these and more I am grateful...

1 comment:

  1. These are all wonderful things to be blessed with! I especially like the picture of your cute slippers on the keys! Your descriptions really bring your words to life...I can almost smell garlic bread now!
    Oh, and I'm so glad you liked the salsa verde dip, too!! Thanks for letting me know. :)