Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five For Friday!

I was off today!!!  No subbing, no piano lessons, no volunteering.  It is a gorgeous blue sky day here.  I spent my morning eating breakfast outside with two girlfriends - what a treat! Ran a few errands and if all goes well I should have about an hour to myself before I need to get the kids from school.  I'm feeling inspired and made a stop at a craft store, so I think I'm going to turn up the music and get my craft on for a little while!

A few snapshots from this past week...

One - celebrated National Frozen Yogurt day - just me, my green chair, and a carton of cookies and cream froyo

Two - made an Aldi run for the first time in awhile, good to save some $$

Three - still so much sickness going around the school (and everywhere), always try to eat nutritiously but really focused on extra fruits and veggies this week

Four - my mom said she thought of me when she saw these - office supplies meet retro 80's glam - fun surprise

Five - loving my $4 scarf because polka dots are just so cheerful and the light neutral tones seem to fit this weather

We are going to have an action packed weekend!!!  Happy Friday!

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