Friday, February 1, 2013

High Five For Friday!

1) Always feel energized when I wear my favorite color!  Yellow makes me happy.

 2) Did some crafting for the first time in a while.  Nice to freshen things up.

3) Usually pick up discounted gourmet coffee when I am at Marshall's, this one was a definite perk of my week!  So good.

4) Found this dress on clearance for $14 when shopping with my mom and couldn't resist, wore it and loved it.  Nice to wear something a little out of the ordinary.

5) Wrote this word down so when I see it, I can remind myself that people or circumstances can't steal the joy of Christ that is within me!  Need that reminder often.

Now I'm off to hit the trail to walk a few miles with friends, then I will spend the afternoon teaching 5th grade...hope you have a great day! It's Friday!!!!!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend! I also love the color yellow and that coffee sounds delicious!! You're so cute, and you always seem to radiate in your pictures! :D

  2. Your crafty business is great! I adore that wreath. Is it ribbon-wrapped?

    Have a joy-filled weekend!

    Mrs. B