Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enough About Pneumonia, Let's Talk About Something Fun Like Cupcakes!!

For the record, Madi's cupcake birthday party turned out as sweet as could be.

Depending on how things go around here, I'm going to try to get some photos up soon to share our celebration with you!

But thanks to some very sweet friends, Madi got an amazing surprise yesterday!

You may remember this post where I shared Madi's interest in DC Cupcakes and how we have baked a few recipes from the cookbook.  Ever since, Madi has had a desire to go to Georgetown Cupcake which would be no big deal if we still lived in Maryland, but is a bit of a drive from the Sunshine State!

However, some good friends of ours were planning a trip to DC.  In conversation about their upcoming trip, Madi and I happened to mention Georgetown Cupcake to them and how much she wanted to go.  Well, these friends planned part of their trip around going to Georgetown so they could bring her back some birthday cupcakes!  Can you believe that??!!

The funny thing is I actually looked into ordering them online for her a little while back.  I thought they were a tad pricey but not too bad, especially for a memory (memories are one thing I'm willing to splurge on).  It was before her Spring Break when I looked into it, and I picked out the perfect variety pack with this fun little note wishing her a wonderful break.  I was envisioning the look on her face when that cute pink box surprised her in the mail and she got to try the Red Velvet Cupcake she had been dreaming of! Things were going great until I went to check out.

And the price literally doubled with the shipping.

That's when I sadly canceled my order.

And thought I'd have to wait until the next time we visited the DC area, or until funds weren't so tight.

But little did I know she would receive a pink box a month later.

With a Red Velvet Cupcake inside.

Complete with their cute swirl icon on the bottom of the wrapper.

And I would get to see the look on her face, sample them with her and rave about how delicious they were (and let me tell you, they really were delicious!), all thanks to the kindness of some great friends.

Who waited an hour in line for these crazy cupcakes.

And made a little girl's day!

And speaking of cupcakes, Madi has been writing a "book" in a journal our friend Laurie sent her.  It has been precious to read it...I told her she has to save it so one day her little girl can read it!  But I especially loved what she wrote about future plans for a bakery in two entries, one about herself and one about me.  Talk about sweet.

Here's to grand plans for the future, sweet memories of today, and of course, cupcakes!

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