Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Storm Troopers, Sleep Deprivation, And Other Tales Of Pneumonia in April

Well, at the beginning of the week things around here with Trev had gotten worse, not better.

When he continued to run a fever Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as his cough continued to become more violent, I began to feel uneasy with the idea of what he had just being a virus.

For one thing, it was lasting forever.  And no one else had gotten it.  Not to mention I have never, ever seen Trev sick this long.  He's never had fever more than a day or two, so on the seventh day I was concerned.  He is prone to getting yucky coughs with allergies or the occasional virus, but this was just going beyond anything he'd had.  And the cough is so relentless, particularly at night, that he and I aren't getting any sleep.  This has been the kind of sickness that requires care throughout the night.

So yesterday I called our pediatrician's office and talked to our favorite nurse who was back in the office, as was our usual doctor.  She could hear Trev coughing in the background and after telling her about his persistent fever, she said to bring him in.

Luckily, Trev was having one of his relentless coughing fits the entire office visit.  That may sound strange for me to be glad about, but when I took him Friday and saw a doctor we had never seen, he had the best 30 minutes that he's had in a week.  I know many of you moms have been there!!  You leave the doctor's office wondering where on earth your child got that sudden burst of health and energy, knowing that was not an accurate representation of what has been going on at home. A few hours later their fever spikes, they are lying on the couch again, and you wish the doctor could see them now!  But this time Trev's fever was already climbing back up, his cough wouldn't relent, and I was thankful.

They gave him a breathing treatment and the doctor gave him a thorough exam.

They also talked Star Wars.

You see, at a checkup last year Trevor mentioned Star Wars; his doctor made the comment that one of the best things that ever happened was when they started combining Star Wars and Legos; Trev's eyes opened wide; and he looked at me as if to say Mommy, did you just hear that?!

He has loved going to the doctor ever since.  :)

So in between coughing fits and breathing treatments, he mentioned to the doctor that he defeated the Death Star on his Wii Lego Star Wars game.  Both the doctor and the nurse responded with appropriate admiration.

Then after his exam and treatment before we were off to get a chest x-ray, the doctor said,

"Well, buddy, you're a trooper.  But not a Storm Trooper!  Though they are kind of cool sometimes."

Best transition ever.  Star Wars references work like a charm with that kid.  Jimmy actually saved the day earlier in the visit when Trev was apprehensive about putting on the mask for the breathing treatment - he told him he would look like Luke Skywalker in some scene that the two of them and the doctor seemed to all know about (I just went with it).

Interesting the information I didn't know would be helpful as a mom of a boy!

It's funny, the other night it was just Trev and me at home, and as his fever was going up and he was wearing down we had this conversation...

Trev:  Let's snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

Me: That sounds good, but let's watch something Mommy likes too, maybe a Disney Movie.

Trev: Is Star Wars a Disney Movie?

Story of my life.

Back to his appointment.  When all was said and done, Trev got a chest x-ray that did indeed reveal some pneumonia in one of his lungs which explains the persistent fever, fatigue, and violent cough.  We have some medicine now and have been stuck inside taking it easy, more of the same.

The hardest part of this illness has been the nights.  They are awful.  As I said, they require care for him and it breaks my heart to see him trying so hard to sleep but not being able to stop coughing.  I keep thinking each night will be better, but not so.

Last night his cough elevated so badly he went through a vicious cycle of coughing until he threw up that made sleep impossible.  We tried his bed, the green chair, my bed, the floor, the couch.  I wiped his tears and held his exhausted little body.  I was so worn out.  I remembered the days of being up all night with when they were babies.  I thought of all the sleep deprived moms of infants out there who were also up, and said a prayer for them.  I also said a prayer for those who have to give through the night caregiving to someone on a regular basis and live in a state of exhaustion.

I know Trev is exhausted too.  This afternoon he fell asleep on the five minute drive to pick up Madi from school.  Normally if he did that he would wake up immediately when I turned off the car, but instead I carried him as he slept soundly on my shoulder as we walked to and from the spot we pick up Madi.  He didn't awake until we got back home and I know he was so worn out he would have slept longer had I not had to get him out of the car again.

So that's where we are.  Pneumonia in April.  Who would have thought?

One day we will sleep again.  One day we will join society once more.

Perhaps tomorrow or the next day?  We will see.

For now, the little patient and I will be here Finding Nemo, transporting into a galaxy long, long ago and far, far away, and in the doctor's word of warning when he gave Trev the steroid...

Doing like Lionel Richie and partying all night long.

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