Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Friday

The kids were off school on Good Friday and I was out the door early while they were still sleeping.  The choir of seniors I had been working with at the retirement home were performing at their Good Friday Breakfast at 8:00!  They did such a good job on the seven songs we had practiced, starting with Christ Arose and ending with Amazing Grace.  I sang and played a bit more for the residents as they finished their breakfast, taking requests for songs and enjoying hearing many sing along.

After the breakfast and concert, my parents picked me up from the retirement home with my kids, sister-in-law, and nephew in tow...and we took the kids to Legoland!  My nephew Reagan who is in town for a visit was very excited about this outing and we had an action packed day!

He loves firemen, so we were excited that he got to experience certain Lego City rides and shows...

And I have to say, Mini Land at Legoland is amazing!  It is hard to comprehend that all those detailed structures are made out of Legos!  I especially loved seeing the model of DC since I spent most of my life living not far from the nation's capital.  The little ones were fascinated by it all.

After Legoland, the kids and I met up with Jimmy to take Madi to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants for a family birthday dinner.  We came home with enough daylight left to ride bikes for awhile.  After giving the kids a bath and tucking them in after a long, fun day, I was ready to sink into bed as well.  But I had a few more details to attend to first to prepare for our continued celebrations of Easter and Madi's birthday...

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