Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes Love Isn't Glamorous

In fact, sometimes love stays up most of the night with a little boy who can't seem to stop coughing, no matter how hard he tries.

It attempts to fall asleep sitting up in the chair with him, bracing his back as another coughing fit steals rest and breath.

Sits criss-cross on the floor holding a bucket, wiping tears, glancing at the clock and realizing it is nearly three a.m., wondering if sleep will ever come and where to find the energy to throw a birthday party the next day.

It gives sips of water to the sick boy throughout the night.

Brews a cup of coffee when morning comes and gets to work with baggy eyes, dark circles, messy hair.

It tries not to get upset when someone spills a cup of sticky, melted frozen yogurt all over the kitchen floor just when things are coming together.

It helps clean the mess, as well as the powdered sugar that went flying everywhere out of the mixer.

Sometimes love is tired and weary, but works together as a team to give a special someone a special day.

It gets showered and cleaned up at the last minute.

Then greets and serves with a smile.

And knows it would do it all over again to see her smile.

Like spilled yogurt and powdered sugar, love can be messy.  It is sometimes middle of the night fevers and hurrying at the last second and all sorts of other unplanned imperfections.

But it is also beauty, found in the bright eyes of the birthday girl or the blessed silence of the little fellow who finally fell asleep.  Or in a kitchen full of friends and loved ones who don't seem to notice or mind the sticky floors at all.

Love bears all things.

Love is last night.

Love believes all things.

Love is this afternoon.

Love hopes all things.

Love is tomorrow.

(I Corinthians 13:7-8)

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