Friday, April 13, 2012

So, About What I Said Last Night Regarding Hopefully Getting Some Sleep...

Well, it didn't go quite as planned.

Trev awoke with one of his horrible coughing fits a mere few minutes after I posted and was about to turn in.  He battles these every few months (usually related to allergies or when he picks up a virus) and they sound terrifying and cause big old alligator tears to run down his sweet face.

I am not a fan.  :(

He had a coughing fit...then another....and then I realized that he had sweated off more of his fever and his pajamas were drenched in sweat.  I changed the poor little guy into clean jammies, gave him more water, and ended up sleeping with him.  I thought we were never going to get to sleep but finally the coughing fits subsided, though he coughed all night long in his sleep and asked for water several times.

After three nights of a fever and all this coughing, I gave in and called the doctor.  Our doctor was out of town so we saw one we had never seen before.  And of course, Trev was the perkiest I had seen him since Tuesday during our office visit.  Because that is how it always happens!

She gave him a work up and said the thinks this is just viral (which is why I delayed taking him in the first place - that is almost always the case) but with the tight, wheeziness of the cough she recommended he use the inhaler we keep on hand for a few days.  As I type this his cough is horrible, but his energy level seems up from the past several days which is positive.

Mine on the other hand is questionable!  Which is why I treated myself to this on the way home.

Couldn't tell you the last time I had a white chocolate mocha.  There's not a Starbucks on my everyday path.  I know it had been a long time and since I was passing one and haven't slept much this week, I figured it was worth the splurge!

After my coffee I taught a vocal and piano lesson, sat with my little coughing fellow for a bit, and now it is time to go pick up Madi.

Tonight we have a lot of birthday party stuff to work on.  Bring on the cupcakes.

Not to mention I have got to clean this house!!

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