Monday, July 25, 2011

Slow Saturday Mornings

Don't you love the Saturday mornings that come your way with no rushed agenda, but rather a leisurely pace and family time spent with messy hair and pajamas for the dress code?

They aren't all that way.  But oh, how I enjoy the ones that are!

This Saturday Jimmy was out the door early to get some work done at the office - he has had an extremely busy several weeks - and the kids and I were home with no plans.  It wasn't long before our kitchen became an art studio, the table covered in paint, glue, stickers, and more.

We each decorated a canvas as the morning sun came through the windows.

And Madi taught me to make flowers out of coffee filters.

Which we delivered so some sweet friends of ours who had lost a loved one to cancer.

On another July Saturday morning, we made a batch of that yummy monkey bread served with fresh fruit, and my parents were able to come over to enjoy breakfast around our table.

I think it's special to share breakfast with family and friends since in general it is probably the meal we share together the least. But whenever we do, it's such a warm start to the day!

I hope you have enjoyed a few slow Saturday mornings this summer!

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