Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And I Can't Leave Out Trevor's "Whoofie" Pies

Not only did we bake an apple pie today, but Trev found a little mix for whoopie pies in the pantry and he wanted to make them so badly, mainly because he saw the picture on the front and wanted to eat them.  (He enjoyed helping make the apple pie, but wasn't interested in eating it.) Since it was a simple little project I told him that he could do it, and boy did he take ownership of that idea and think he was something else!  Watch out Bobby Flay, there is a new kid in town!

He had his first successful egg crack which his sister, a long time baking helper of mine, was over the moon about.  He worked very carefully pouring, mixing, dropping, icing.

And it is safe to say he was pretty happy about the finished product!

So much so that he couldn't wait to tell his daddy and grandparents about the "whoofie" pies he made, encouraged [forced] them to try some of his "whoofie" pies, and thanked God at least three times during prayers before bedtime for something regarding "whoofie" pies....that he got to make them, eat them,  and that there were still two left so he and Madi could each have one tomorrow after "wunch."

To which we said amen and tucked this sweet, enthusiastic, and chocolate-loving boy into bed.

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