Monday, July 25, 2011

Royal Recipes!

Towards the end of Madi's school year they had a book fair at her school library.  I am all about book fairs and book orders and pretty much anything involving reading, so we always support these events and order what we can!

However, at the spring book fair they had the brilliant idea of having a Grandparent's Day.  I know it was total marketing because they are aware that grandparents will buy more books for their grandkids than their [broke] parents will, but it was a really fun idea.  My parents got to sign in at the office and get Madi out of class and escort her to the library to pick out some books.  Talk about an exciting morning for a kindergartner!

It was fun to see what she picked out!  One item was a Disney Royal Recipe Collection cookbook, and this choice did not surprise me because she has cooked and baked with me since she was very little.

I had been looking forward to summer break so we could have more time together in the kitchen, and last week we pulled out that royal cookbook and Princess Madi made four of the recipes from it (with a little help from the Queen who is allowed to touch hot ovens and griddles).  We had so much fun!

First we made a Royal Breakfast including Fairy Godmother Wands (baked French toast sticks) and Get Your Work Done Smoothies (which apparently Cinderella drinks for a quick breakfast when her stepmother gives her too many chores).

Then one evening we made a Royal Dinner that included No Need to Sneeze Sandwiches (grilled cheese with turkey and barbeque sauce) and our very favorite, True Love's Kiss Cups for dessert!

Let me give you the scoop on these because they were light and delicious!  First we mixed a large box of sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding with milk.  While it was chilling, we took a carton of lite cool whip and added a few drops of red food coloring (to make it "princess pink") and about 1/2 tsp. of mint extract which gave it a refreshing flavor.  In pretty dishes we layered the pudding, the princess pink cool whip, some fresh cut strawberries, and one more dollop of pudding and cool whip.  Let's just say the whole royal court enjoyed these on a hot summer night in the castle!

Both my kids love breakfast and are begging to make the Pumpkin Carriage Waffles next.  Madi  has her eye on many more recipes including Day Of The Royal Ball Egg Casserole and I think Flounder's Salt Free Floats look refreshing.  No need to go to the ball when we are having such a ball in the kitchen together!  :)

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