Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Table Makeover, My Own Little Space, And What I've Been Studying

Remember the hand-me-down baseball table I redid a few years back?  Well, while working on some other projects I gave it a little makeover on a whim.  The soft blue paint brightened up my little corner. I've been bringing in some blues for spring and summer, and this Valspar paint in Mirage was just the right shade.

My mom still gives Jimmy and me an Easter basket every year (I know, right?) and this year our goodies were in this little tweed box with a leather pull.  It is just right for storing all my Bible studies and journals on the bottom shelf of the table!

My favorite pens and other little trinkets that make me smile sit on top.

I love the view from my own little space - and can't we all use a little space now and then?!

My cup of something warm is right in reach (this mug from a friend always brings my heart warmth).

And so is my life line.  There is nothing like spending time in God's Word to center your soul.

Lately I've been studying two books by Kay Warren.  Both Choose Joy and Say Yes To God have encouraged and challenged me in major ways.  Kay is a woman who knows and shares and lives the Word of God.  Would love to talk about these truths with you over a cup of coffee!  This is life changing stuff.

I'll leave you with her definition of joy that she used to summarize the many things the Bible says about it.  It is absolutely worth memorizing!

Joy is the settled assurance that 
God is in control of my life,

the quiet confidence that ultimately 
everything is going to be all right,

and the determined choice 
to praise God in all things.

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