Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just For Fun! {Recent Moments}

Happy Weekend to you!  I hope you are enjoying yours!  Ours has been refreshingly low key.  We spent our Friday night at home, which these days are some of my favorite kind of Friday nights.  The weather was spectacular so after making stuffed shells and steamed broccoli for dinner, the kids and I took a long bike ride then they played with dirt and sticks while Jimmy mowed and cared for our lawn.  I made Trev's favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting and while we ate it, he seriously wowed us with facts he's been learning about JFK in school.  He is turning into one smart kid! Hard to believe his kindergarten year is coming to a close soon.  

Today was surprisingly chilly and gray.  We had plans to swim and cookout at our friends house and Madi and Trev both jumped right in and happily swam until their lips were purple, despite the cool weather!  It was nice to visit and eat food off the grill and take it easy together.  I was sleepy when we came home and the sky was so dark that I took a nap, which I rarely do.  It felt so good to drift off to sleep in my green chair - until I woke up and everyone was having emotional breakdowns, needing Mommy and something to eat right that second even though I was still in a foggy delirium (which reminded me why I don't usually take naps)!

I ended up with a few minutes to myself (the beauty of grandparents right down the road), so I thought I'd share a little of this and that from the last week or two.

Some outfits are just plain happy, and this was one!  I got this top and skirt on extra clearance at a J. Crew outlet while in Maryland.  I always seem to come back around to polka dots in the spring!  

I started a couple of my mornings this week with coffee in a beautiful yellow mug from my friend Laurie, who always treats me to the perfect little surprises.

I made some of these pencil jars for a flea market I participated in and Madi wanted one so badly.  I finally made her a monogrammed one and surprised her with it after school one day!

Speaking of the flea market, it was so much fun!  I got to spend the day with a great group of people and it was a delightful new adventure.  I enjoyed the creative process and was thrilled that quite a few of my homemade items sold, including this wreath which was one of my favorites!

Our friend Linda recently threw a surprise birthday luncheon for my grandma for her 87th birthday.  The past few years have been quite a struggle for her physically and mentally, and my mom has been such a trooper as her caregiver (which is a uniquely challenging role).  The day of her party she was in great spirits and looked fabulous, and we had a good time with lots of laughter!

During one of her temporary stays at a facility, my mom kept encouraging her to join the activities.  When the subject of bingo came up my grandma (spunky lady that she is) told my mom she saw no point in playing there because they didn't play for prizes. her party, we had bingo with prizes - and good prizes!  I was the first winner and won a pearl bracelet set which was perfect since I'm a pearl-lovin' girl!  There was a tense moment or two when GG hadn't won yet - but rest assured, she won both of the last two games fair and square and got herself a prize!  It was a hoot.  

Madi's class recently went on a field trip to the zoo and Jimmy and I both went as chaperones.  We especially enjoyed the giraffes, and Madi got the experience of feeding one which was fun (and progress, since the opportunity to milk a cow on her kindergarten trip to the farm wasn't as well received, shall we say).

Madi recently turned 8 and our friends gave her one of those Skip It things that you wrap around your ankle and jump over.  Madi is quite the active little girl and took to it right away, and has a personal record of 366 consecutive jumps.  She wanted me to try it after school one day so I strapped it on my right ankle and gave it my best shot. It made it half of a rotation around, slammed into my left big toe so hard it left it throbbing, broke my toenail, and took a chip out of the polish.  I think it is safe to say she did not get her athletic genes from me!  We were doubled over laughing and she kept begging me to try again.  Right then and there I accepted the fact that I will never be a Skip It record setter and refused the offer.  :)

Well, the troops are back.  Trev is enthusiastically telling me the update on my brother's volleyball team's playoff game and wants me to look up a water gun that he wants to buy soon with his money.  Madi is snuggled up next to me and just informed me she is in a better mood because Grammie always puts her in a better mood. Those Grammies! There is just nothing like them.

Love my family and friends!

Enjoying these days.

Looking forward to worshiping with my church family tomorrow.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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  1. I really do like reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. I liked the Polka Dots too.