Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Much More {Gifts 141-165}

I recently watched an old interview with Ann Voskamp.  It was brought up that many view her as a modern day Pollyanna.  She smiled at the sweet reference, but responded that this life of giving thanks is so much more than that.  

She spoke of how we long for God's presence, how we are able enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4).  How praise and thanksgiving draw us into the very presence of God.  How this choice for thanks literally transforms minds and changes lives.  So she counts on, and has inspired many others to do the same.  

#141- strength to make it through that song

#142 - my husband teaching on faith

#143 - a healing conversation

#144 - how Coke and crushed ice can help settle an upset tummy

#145 - rest when under the weather

#146 - courage

#147 - that God blew the clouds away when we asked

#148 - the most perfect beach weather

#149 - sweet little friends celebrating

#150 - a visit from the eagle that sometimes hangs out in the trees outside our home

#151 - seeing photos of my parents having a wonderful visit with my brother and his family

#152 - my friend telling me that the waves now make her think of grace upon grace

#153 - a cooperative Monday morning

#154 - that God's truths are truths to transform

#155 - Kay Warren's willingness to share truth

#156 - sunbeams

#157 - His perfect, unexplainable peace

#158 - watching growth happen

#159 - getting to do life with my very best friend

#160 - sweet, tender spirits

#161 - little arms wrapped around my neck

#162 - that we don't have to be paralyzed by fear

#163 - access to the Father

#164 - the power of prayer for those who suffer

#165 - the hope of what is ultimately to come {and HE shall reign forever and ever}

For these and more, I am grateful...

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