Thursday, October 4, 2012

When Toilet Paper Rolls And Cupcake Liners Become Adorable Little Owls

When my most recent issue of Family Fun magazine came in the mail, I was immediately drawn to one of the projects.  For one, it was kid friendly.  Two, it involved owls.  Three, it was made from cupcake liners which we have tons of around here! Four, I could make it with everything we already had around the house.  Here is what these little owls looked like when completed...

I mean, how cute are those?!  My friend and her daughter made them with Madi and me this past Friday evening.  We had the best time crafting together!  You have got to sit down with the girls (or little guys) in your life and make some!

The base of this owl is simply a toilet paper roll (talk about upcycling)!  Just fold in the center of the roll and adhere it with a little glue to keep it in place.

Then cut a cupcake liner into fourths to make feathers, or use quarters of different cupcake liners if you want to mix it up.  We used fun, girly patterns I had left over from Madi's cupcake birthday party.  Fall colors and patterns would be perfect too!

Starting at the bottom, glue four quarters on the roll to make feathers.

Then cut another liner in half and trim it slightly to make the wings.  Just glue them on the back of the roll.

Cut circles out of white cardstock for the eyes, and use markers to draw details.

Then use a triangle of orange paper for a nose, or do what we did and use a snip of an orange pipe cleaner.

Done!  So cute, so easy, so much fun!!

If you have a spare miniature Christmas tree around, you could make several of these and put them in the branches for an adorable autumn tree!  Again, fall themed cupcake liners would be great.  You could even make them with Halloween cupcake liners to make a Halloween tree!  Oooh, now that's an idea I may have to steal from myself....  ;)


  1. So darn cute.


  2. I made these little owls with my granddaughters tonight. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this craft with us.


  3. These are adorable!! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing!