Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There were six candles on his cinnamon rolls this morning.  One for every year of a life that has completely changed mine.

For this little boy is not just any boy.

He is light in dark spaces.  A generous distributor of joy.  He possesses wisdom, insight, and the absolute best way with words.

This boy has no idea how many times his presence has brought life to a dry, empty soul that was about to crack right open in despair, but instead was ripped wide with laughter and forgotten delight.

Or how a room is energized when he walks in.

This boy walks confidently, knowing and overflowing with love.

This boy walks justly, aware of right and wrong and considerate of choices.

Aware and considerate of others.

A kind and gentle soul.

So simple in his approach to life, yet incredibly profound.

This boy came into our lives on a cold October morning in a brick street town where the autumn leaves were resplendent with color.

And on this cold October morning in a house of love where the palm trees grow, he was the center of our celebration.

His grin lit the dark early morning.

As usual, his spirit was contagious.

And in a blink, the celebratory cinnamon rolls were eaten and a brand new six year old went off to school and his mom found a few old pictures and cried because time is unrelenting and smiled because of what that little baby did to her heart.

She found herself humming Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

Perhaps because the faithfulness of the Father has been clearly revealed through the light in the brown eyes of a son who has taught her boundlessly of God and His love.

Happy birthday, precious Trevor.  You are an indescribable gift.

Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.


  1. Your words are so full of love. What an adorable little boy you have, and I'm sure he has a young heart of gold! Happy Birthday to Trevor!!

  2. My husband and I got to spend some good time with Dustin recently and he pointed me to your blog. Thanks for taking the time to post and share God's love through your journey of motherhood. Very encouraging. You have a beautiful family. And as a side, my husband's name is Trevor, too! :)