Monday, October 22, 2012

Small Changes and Autumn Beauty

Small changes can make a big difference.

Take these plain battery operated candles, for instance.  They were given to me years ago and I am always putting them in new places or adding festive touches.

This season a scrap of burlap and some stickers gave them a harvest makeover...

Such an easy, low-cost, but lovely change!

I am also enjoying the simple beauty of this stained glass I got for $2 at a yard sale....

As well as some other little touches, old and new, that have turned our house into a harvest home.

I am not an artist, but when painting with the kids one day I painted this canvas as an act of worship.  The strokes are simplistic but the meaning significant to me as it reflects the journey of grace God has been taking me on.

The ladies of the church surprised my mom and me with these gift baskets last Sunday.  Their act of thoughtfulness was so touching.  I have been enjoying these treats and my new Creamy Pumpkin candle...

Autumn beauty lights my green chair corner and reminds me that I am loved, which is a huge gift.

Change.  Create.  Notice.  Delight.


  1. Wonderful post! You have so many cute fall decorations, like the candy corn garland and all your yummy looking candles. I love the painting that you created in worship. That's awesome for you to do that!! The gift basket for you and your mom is so thoughtful and bursting forth with autumn goodies!

  2. Oh my gosh! It all looks of cozy and inviting. I want to move in with you. You have inspired me. Thanks!