Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Lunch Celebration!

On Saturday, the kids and I did a fun project of putting together an Olympic Themed Lunch Celebration!  Madi was my main helper, but Trev was just bursting with excitement over this whole event.  We put together a simple "international menu" of sorts.  One of my inspirations was this little box of Fortune Cupcakes that our friend Caroline had brought back for us from Seattle.  

These Chinese themed wrappers came with cute little messages to put around the bottom of each cupcake, just like a fortune cookie!

I thought this one was perfect for the Olympics!

Madi and I used a Georgetown Cupcake recipe from our book to bake Irish Cream Cupcakes to go in our Chinese wrappers.  They were topped with Irish Cream Cheese Frosting.

We put out a few decorations...

Proudly American with a touch of London to celebrate the Olympic host!

You already know I can't resist an ice cold bottled Coca-Cola.  When I saw these commemorative bottles, there was just no way to pass them up!  This classic drink was our American contribution to the meal!  Best little 100 calorie treat around.

We made Italian Ravioli served with a big loaf of French bread for a nice hot lunch...

And then enjoyed our Irish Cream Cupcakes, which Jimmy later said were the best cupcakes he had ever eaten.  If you love cupcakes, you have got to get the Cupcake Diaries cookbook.  The recipes are cupcake perfection.  I'm not exaggerating.

I am not sure exactly how this happened, but somehow this was Jimmy's cupcake fortune.        ;)

We enjoyed our lunch and tuned in to the Olympic games.  What fun this is every four years!  I know we all hold our own special Olympic memories.  Somewhere there is a photo of me in a Mary Lou Retton leotard with the Mary Lou Retton haircut. I have got to dig that up, it is classic 80's!  I remember going to see her perform live at a gymnastic showcase in DC, and watching her perform on the television while I did the "balance beam" on the back of our old brown and orange plaid couches!  The Olympics let us unite, cheer on, and dream big.  They are a cause for celebration.

Go, USA!  And thank you London for your hospitality!

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