Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At Thirty-Three, I...

*Am passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

*Live by the beach in a yellow cottage with the coziest front porch...
in my dreams, that is.

*Can't resist ringing my little bell as I ride my bike through the neighborhood.

*Continue to become more of a morning person.

*Crave chips and salsa and chocolate. A lot.

*Love sun hats, coverups, sunglasses, and any other stylish sun protection.
Florida has brought this out in me.

*Usually prefer to wear dresses.

*Still think an ice cold bottled Coca Cola is the best.

*Love words...as long as they are used wisely.

*Am thankful for the people who have spent hours developing the Bible studies that give me the best start to my days and help me become more intimately acquainted with God and His Word.

*Would choose to be on the beach whenever given the choice.  I find so much comfort and inspiration there, and never cease to be amazed at God's artistry by sea.

*Have no regrets for making the choice to stay at home with my kids during these early years.  Cannot believe how quickly time has past.  Everyone said these years would go fast.  They were right.

*Always try to grow.  Am aware of my shortcomings, and always learning.  I want to live a life that matters.

*Live with a burden for the next generation.  Am trying to live my life in such a way that helps point them to Jesus.  Trying to let them know they are loved.  Trying to let them know there is another way.  The road I've chosen is narrow, but on it they can find life.

*Am not impressed by celebrity.  And pretty much never watch TV.  Though we do have Netflix and a few old shows on DVD, which the kids love and I occasionally watch.

*Have unanswered questions and concerns that I am learning to give to God daily.  Worry doesn't add a minute to our lives.

*Am more grateful than ever for the few good friends God has generously gifted me with.  I love having friends to do life with.  They make it richer and tons more fun!

*Realize more than ever that God blessed me with a good man.  I don't take my husband for granted.  I appreciate him more now than ever.

*Love being a mom, and couldn't say thank you to God enough for the gift of Madi and Trev.  They are pure sunshine to my heart.

*Don't necessarily know what God is going to do in and through us, but do know this...He is not finished with us yet!  He has been and will continue to be at work.

*Pray daily that our family will shine as a bright light in the darkness.

*Am far more concerned with character than image.

*Know for a fact that money and things don't satisfy.  Am brokenhearted as I watch so many people chase after them as if they will, knowing they will only be let down and the unsatisfying chase will continue.

*Love baking for my family and friends.  The hum of the mixer is a regular sound in our home.

*Am thankful for church family and community.  We need each other.

*Appreciate kindness more than I did before, and am sometimes surprised by it.  Perhaps seeing and experiencing the devastation of unkindness will do that to you.

*Have a phone that is anything but smart but was free, has survived at least 75 drops to the ground, and keeps our monthly payments low.  However, I am enjoying my Kindle so much!  It makes reading and listening to music so accessible and such a pleasure.

*Believe writing is excellent (and inexpensive) therapy.

*Take pictures every day.  And am glad to do so, because there is so much I would have forgotten were it not for the images captured.

*Have days where I long for Jesus to come and right the evils of the this world.  Continuously look forward to that day.

*Have a soul that is settled.  And want others to experience that as well.  Life is crazy, but it is well with my soul.

*Need to be a more organized housekeeper.  Sigh.

*Love good pizza, all kinds.  Rarely tire of it.

*Am finally starting to understand what it means to find approval in God, not people.  Hasn't been the easiest journey of discovery.  Learning to fix my eyes on the author and finisher of my faith.

*Think laughter is one of life's greatest sounds, and truly great medicine.
Laughter heals.

*Hold a special place in my heart for Maryland.  I am glad I was raised in the shadow of the nation's capital.

*Have more and more gray hairs.  And no money for professional highlights or color.  I've actually never had my hair professionally colored.  Life goes on.

*Admit it takes longer and longer for my face to wake up in the morning.

*Love the fragrance of coffee brewing and start looking forward to my morning coffee the night before.

*Thank God that I was raised by godly, loving, committed parents who still encourage and help us all the time.  Realize with each passing year what a gift the stability in our home was.

*Am much more likely to splurge on an experience, trip, or memory made than a thing.

*Desire to give my children truly happy childhoods.

*Am honestly blessed by the opportunity to be a helper to my husband, and grow more and more thankful for his leadership.  I learn so much from him.

*Gratefully acknowledge that God is the giver of life, and has blessed me with another day in this 33rd year.  Commit once again to living and loving well, and shining brightly for His glory.  I am just clay.  He is the Potter.  I pray that in this 33rd year,  God will mold me and make me more like Him.

These are the random reflections of the birthday girl...


  1. Happy Birhtday, Sista! ;) You look great at 33!
    I love that you shared these things about yourself...sharing your heart with us about your deep passion for the Lord and your sweet family! You are truly a blessed woman because you know you're wonderfully made by God, and you live like it!

  2. What a wonderful happy list! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy happy happy birthday. This was sweet to read and helpede to learn more about you and who you are in Christ.
    How can those of us from '79 be turning 33? In part, it seems impossible.
    I echo many of your sentiments for this 33rd year.
    Sending love from Maryland!!