Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Change Up An Outfit

On Saturday evening, I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate my friend Jennifer's birthday.  She is stunning and quite the fashionista, and I wanted to wear something fresh and fun for our girls night. I am always mixing and matching from my wardrobe, and with a mix of some older and newer pieces from my closet and a little innovation, I came up with a "new"outfit for the evening.  I love shopping my closet!  I often get questions about where I find my clothes, so I thought this may give you some insight into how I come up with what I wear.

My inspiration actually started with some craft flowers I purchased with a coupon at Hobby Lobby a couple months ago.  I had nearly forgotten I had them! I used a hot glue gun to attach them to pin backs which took all of two minutes.

I then pulled out a denim jacket I had purchased on the clearance rack at Old Navy back in 2004 (I wear things forever).  After attaching the flower pins to the eight year old jacket, it seemed like a new piece!

I then took out the comfortable lace dress from Kohl's my mom had surprised me with back in the spring when Jimmy and I had a date night to see The Lion King.

When I wore it that night, I dressed it up with nude heels and vintage inspired jewelry I already had for a soft, romantic look.  After all, it was a beautiful spring evening and I was going on a date with my man!

But when paired with my newly accessorized old denim jacket and a pair of flat sandals, it had a much more casual, yet still vintage, feel.

Same exact dress, but totally different look!  Perfect for a great dinner out with my girls! (And a great dinner it was.  Don't even get me started on the Caribbean Pumpkin Crab Soup! I may not stop talking about it.)

I have to tell you about the earrings I wore.  One of the girls in our youth group is a creative, artistic girl named Caroline.  She is also one of my piano students, and one of the things I love most about her is that she is completely and totally herself!  She almost always wears two different earrings instead of a matching set.  Last summer I was browsing the summer clearance jewelry at Belk and came across this pair of earrings.  Paris was still fresh on my mind after throwing Madi's Paris birthday party in April, and these caught my eye.  They were only a few dollars, so I channelled my inner Caroline and bought them.  I only wear them when I am feeling extra fun and free-spirited!

My personality likes change and keepings things fresh.  This includes what I wear.  I had to wear the same blue plaid school uniforms from kindergarten to 8th grade and it about did me in!!  Now I am all about variety!  I have found that by keeping and wearing things for a long time, mixing the old and the new, hunting clearance racks, and shopping my closet,  I can have a large wardrobe on a small budget.

Fashion is fun and often what you choose to put on the outside reflects something about how you feel on the inside.  Have some fun putting together a "new" outfit from your closet that puts some pep in your step!

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