Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I sit here at my table with cookies cooling on the stove and a cake in the oven, clothes in the dryer, a project at hand and a completed project in the living room.  What I really want to do is go to sleep after a long but fun-filled day with our nephew and family, but I need to hold on at least a little longer.  So I just turned on some Christmas music and will work just a bit more until my cake is done and my sleepy eyes can't stay open a minute more.  I am bound to be up and at 'em bright and early tomorrow morning, so I will let what is undone rest while I do.   I have no expectations of perfection for this Thanksgiving.  I am working low key and last minute as this has been an extremely full month and we are trying to take advantage of time with our out of town family here.  I know that we will gather and give thanks and eat and enjoy.  If there is dust in my corners no one will notice.  I am truly just looking forward to time together with those I love.

As I finish what needs to be done I continue to reflect on the stirrings of my thankful heart.  Someday soon there will be time to pour those thoughts and feelings onto the pages of this blog.  For now, it is enough to say I am exceedingly grateful to the God of All for His abundant, rich blessings.  Exceedingly grateful.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. I will send you to dreamland with a saying my dad referenced in his message Sunday morning.

A grateful heart is thankful twice - when a blessing is received, and when it is remembered.

Take time to remember.  And Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!  

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