Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Decorating For $1.00!!

I went to Target yesterday for the first time in ages, and was thrilled by some fun finds in their dollar bins when I walked in!  They had adorable sparkly pumpkins, and the cutest little felt pumpkin decorating kits, all for a dollar each!

I got a kit and a pumpkin for each of the kids, and they were easy as pie for them to decorate!  Trevor also picked out the little wooden robot craft kit at Hobby Lobby for a little over a dollar, and colored it this morning.  I so enjoy having their handiwork around the house each season!

Since the sparkly pumpkins were such a steal at only a dollar, I bought three for myself as well.  I set the orange one on an old pedestal stand I've had for years, and they made an elegant setting on my countertop for $3.00!

In other news, today I am finishing up my 18th week of pregnancy.  My weeks are so full that the time is flying by!  (Owl handprint art tutorial found here.)

And in just a few moments, some fall-loving friends will be coming over to enjoy some autumn goodies.  In fact, I think one just came to the door!

Happy October Saturday!

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