Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Ramblings From My Scattered Existence

For the last, oh, six weeks or so I have felt like a top.  Not as in a piece of clothing to cover the upper half of the body, but as in the toy that spins around and around very quickly until its momentum wears out and it is spun again.  This past week I barely got to a computer.  Since I have no internet on my phone this means very little time to keep up with friends on facebook or blog.  I've missed my blog.  So the following is a random sampling of what's been going on in my head and in my life the past week...

- I have been on a graham cracker kick lately.  This afternoon I crushed one and sprinkled it in my key lime pie yogurt.  That was a good idea.

- I made a Christian bookstore run earlier in the week and got a new Women of Faith devotional that I already started, and Mary Beth Chapman's book Choosing to See that I can't wait to start.  I could spend a fortune at bookstores if that was an option, couldn't you?

- Madi bought her first school lunch this week.  This was huge news.  Evidently she had to choose something green, so she told me she chose green beans but didn't eat them.  Nice.  I let her get another lunch on Friday (pizza day, whoop!) where she had to choose something yellow.  It was corn.  I think she ate it.

- Not only was Friday pizza day, but it was also school picture day!  Our first one!!  Madi looked like an American Girl doll before I sent her off.  Hopefully she still looked that way by the time they took the pictures, which in my opinion should have been about 2 minute after the bell rang with kindergartners!

- Luke 6:38 has been running through my mind all week for some reason.  "Give and it shall be given unto you." I want to be a giver. I want to live a life where I give before I receive.

- I am in the middle of a Karen Kingsbury novel, Shades of Blue, and it is a great read so far.

- My kids learned the "Cupid Shuffle" at Downtown Disney last week. Tonight Trev was singing it and it made me smile to hear him sing, "To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right, to the weft, to the weft, to the weft, to the weft..."  I will be sad when he masters his l's.

- I got to eat at our local tea room on Friday for my mom's birthday.  I had a chicken and pear wrap with greens, pecans, and apple cider vinaigrette.  No need for me to explain why I loved it so much! Oh, goodness, was it ever good.  So was spending time with my son, grandma, and parents.

- My husband and I can't get enough of old West Wing episodes on DVD lately.  Okay, so we're a decade behind, that's nothing new!  But it's politics, intelligent writing, and takes place in D.C.  We do miss living around the corner from the nation's capital sometimes...

-Today we had an event called "Just Us Cowgirls" at our church and wow, was it a wonderful morning!  My mom shared the devotion on how as Christians we are "branded" with the love of Christ, and how that love should be how we are known.  We ate barbeque.  We drank coffee punch.  We laughed at skits and cried at songs.  It made me very thankful for the women at our church, and for my mom and all she does as a pastor's wife to give women a place to connect.

- It seems with each day the more I realize that I am blessed beyond measure.  The more grateful I am for my Savior and my family.  The more compelled I am to do my best for both.

That's all for now.  I may elaborate on some of these ramblings at a later time.  But for now, these are a few pieces of life from my scattered existence to yours! 

Much Love.

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