Friday, September 13, 2013

The Morning Madi and Trev Made Me A "Thomas Muffin"

I had the sweetest morning.  Before I share it, I want to clarify that this is not our typical school morning!  Our mornings start in the dark and we have to be at school early, even earlier on the days I teach.  Even though I do my best to stage and prep everything from uniforms to backpacks to lunches the night before, it can still be hard to get my troops (and myself) out of bed!  

The last two mornings have been different though.  Yesterday I was still hitting snooze on my alarm when two excited little 1st and 3rd graders ran in my room and yelled, "Surprise!!!"  They had already gotten themselves up and dressed before I had even come in to wake them, and were awfully pleased with themselves!  I made a big deal out of how responsible that was and what a nice morning we had because of what they did.

This morning I was about to get up to wake them when it happened again - they ran in squealing, pleased as punch that they were already up and fully dressed.  There were smiles and whispers, then instructions that I was to stay in my room.  I heard noises in the kitchen and let them do their thing.  At one point Trevor popped his cute little face in and informed me, "Mommy, I'm using your toaster to make you a Thomas Muffin." 

A "Thomas Muffin." Seriously -  melt my heart.  I love his Trevorisms!

A few moments later the door burst open and in came Madi and Trev, proudly serving me breakfast in bed.  Orange juice, cereal, and a Thomas' English Muffin, all displayed on one of my little trays.  They even put honey butter on the English Muffin because they "noticed you like that."  "Homemade by us!" Trevor exclaimed as they delivered my breakfast.  

Best breakfast I think I've ever had.

This motherhood thing can be a tough gig.  Many mornings we feel like we have to nag and rush and rush and nag.  We don't start the day like we had hoped.  We wish it had gone better.  We try to redeem it on the way to school or when they come home.  But these moments....these "Thomas Muffin"moments...these are the moments you tuck away in your heart forever.  These are the moments you know motherhood is an exquisite gift.

And you eat your muffin and soggy cereal, and drink your mug of orange juice, knowing nothing in the world could be better.

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