Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ribbon Runner And Ribbon Scrap Wreath

I have been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time now, but I have to be honest - when I see a sewing machine there is something about that little contraption that intimidates me!  Knowing that I had been wanting to learn, my mom bought me a sewing machine the Christmas before last.  I finally opened it this May.  I still have to have Jimmy thread the bobbin and help me when something goes awry, but I've done a few simple projects and am slowly teaching myself to sew!  My last project was a ribbon runner which turned out very cheerful and fun!

I saw the idea for this in one of my mom's magazines when we were at the beach.  It was so pretty and looked easy enough, so I gave it a try.

I picked out a variety of colorful ribbons when they were 50% at Hobby Lobby, cut them to the length I wanted, and followed the instructions in the magazine to first glue the ribbons together with Liquid Stitch glue, then sew them together.

The magazine article gave instructions to cut a fabric backing and sew it to the runner wrong sides together, then turn out and finish off. I tried that and let's just say it didn't go all!  I had to rip out every.single.seam. but I was determined to save the project.  Instead of backing it with fabric, I just pinned down the edges and used a double seam to finish it off.  It worked out fine and was tons easier!

The colorful ribbons looked very cheerful in my kitchen!

And since I had just enough ribbon left, I made a coordinating wreath by wrapping a styrofoam wreath form and pinning the ribbon with floral pins.  A lace flower, two homemade flowers, and some baker's twine later, I had a matching wreath and loved how it turned out!

If you like simple, easy projects, give these a try!  You could use seasonal ribbon for the upcoming holidays for some pretty, homemade additions to your home!