Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday Nights Around These Here Parts

A few weeks ago, I discovered a new Friday night hangout.  If you are ever looking for me on a Friday night and can't find me, just head over to the local Cracker Barrel.  I will be there with all the senior citizens, enjoying the Friday Fish Fry.  Because I am not exaggerating, that was the best fried catfish I have ever tasted.  I doused it in hot sauce (a favorite so far this pregnancy), ate it with a side of grits, savored every single bite, and seriously considered coming back every Friday for more.  So far it hasn't worked out that way but one day, I will be back!

Jimmy was out of town that particular Friday evening on a Men's Snorkeling Trip/Retreat in the Keys that he had planned.  I had worked all day and taken Madi to tumbling class after school and knew there was no way I was cooking.  My parents and uncle ended up meeting us for dinner, and after our feast the kids and I went home and had a family room campout!  I had decorated for fall that week and they had both mentioned wanting to sleep by the new decorations.  They were thrilled when I pulled out some mattresses and blankets and let them fall asleep on the family room floor watching "I Love Lucy" by the glow of candlelight!  Even though I didn't sleep too well on the couch, it sure was cozy and a fun memory made.

Last Friday night, some of our best friends in the world came into town and spent one night with us.  What a great time we had!

I have known Allyson since I was about three or four years old and from pigtails to church camp to marriage, motherhood, and ministry we have been dear friends.  We met Dave during our college years.  He and Jimmy interned together back then, and were on staff together for several years.  We have definitely been through many seasons of life together.  They have four boys, and our kids had an absolute blast playing together!  They swam and played games like Apples to Apples and made their own movies...the last time they were all together Trevor was a baby.  I knew they would enjoy each other and oh, how they did!  It was a short but blessed visit.  I can't wait until the next one!

Last night we got to share a fun dinner in the home of some friends with their beautiful new grandbaby.  Madi had been dying to hold this little girl, and finally got her chance! She was so excited!  Trevor held her too - it was his first time holding a baby, and boy was he taken with her.  He nuzzled her little face and couldn't get over how soft she was.  It gave me a sweet glimpse of what is to come, Lord willing.  I pray constantly over this baby growing inside of me, and the transition we will all be making as we welcome a newborn into our home again!

These have been our Friday nights.  Food, family, friends, fellowship, fall.

I am thankful.

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  1. Love this post (again!). First off, what an amazingly fun Mom you are for you guys to camp out by the fall decor!! Sounds like something my mom would've suggested, and something I should do in the future with our lil bits:)
    Cracker Barrel does have awesome fish on Fridays, and really good cole slaw, too. Not to mention, I love roaming through the gift shop for seasonal finds!
    And isn't it good to has such close knit friends that you can still reconnect after so long between visits? Looks like you're building some special Weekend memories:). God is sweet!!