Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful For The Gift Of Him

He auditioned me for a band in college.

That's how we met.

I came into the classroom at Liberty University wearing my Gap jeans and sweater vest like a good 90's girl, and played the keyboard and sang for a couple of young college guys including one long-haired seminary student.

When I left the room that seminary student's friend told him these words...

I think you're going to marry that girl.

A little over three years later he did.

And over fourteen years from that very first meeting, here I sit, gratefully his wife.

As I ponder Thanksgiving, I can't help but give thanks for Jimmy.

I was thinking today that as blessed I am with some excellent friendship and relationships, there is no friendship so deep as the one I share with my husband.

He is my very best friend.  He knows my heart, the deepest places, and protects it. We've shared years of long talks into the night, deepening the intimacy that grows over time.  There is so much sacred between us. I have confidence and trust in him like no other.

He thinks I'm beautiful.  No matter what.  I used to wonder what he saw certain days, but over time I realized that when he looks my way he simply sees me.  I've never once heard him utter a negative word about my appearance.  When he looks at me he sees from the inside out, into the heart of a girl he fell in love with.

His respectfulness runs deep and true.  He is committed to keeping his eyes and heart pure.  His integrity helps him lead our home well.  I trust him.

He gives up certain things.  I know he does.  There have been lots of material things he could have insisted upon through the years.  I know he is often the only guy in the room without various possessions.  But he sacrifices so we can give, so I can be home as much as I can with our children, so we can meet our shoestring budget, so that if there is extra we can enjoy a memory as a family or the kids can get something they need.  I don't tell him enough how much I admire him for not having to have the latest and greatest of everything that comes along, how he is making the greatest of investments into our family life.

I love that we have always had regular date nights and sometimes full date days.  I love that he sometimes surprises me by already lining up care for the kids and making plans.  I love that we have gotten away on overnight trips and mini vacations now and then, just the two of us.  I love that he takes Madi and Trev on dates.  I love all the places we've been and memories we've made together.

Jimmy loves God in a way you don't see too often anymore.  His faith is uncompromising; his walk is wise; his commitment clear.  He and his house will serve the Lord, even if they do so alone.

That is a strong foundation for a home.

I love our home.

I am so thankful.

This world is unsettled and the future is unclear, but my heart can rest knowing the man I love loves God and honors Him with each day.

We are not a perfect couple.  We have those days.  We have things we are still figuring out.

But what we share is special.

To be so intimately connected with someone spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally is a gift.

And that's easy to forget in the routine of day to day.

I don't want to forget.

It's easy not to see even the best gift when it is right in front of our eyes.

I don't want to miss the gift.  I want to thank the Giver.

God, you have so blessed us.  In the very best and even in the hardest times, we can see so evidently Your hand over us, Your blessing upon us.  You have grown us in so many ways since we met as college students.  Sometimes that growth has been exciting, other times it has been challenging.  But I praise you that as we've grown, we always end up having grown closer to You and to each other.  Thank You for meeting our needs, giving us strength, and giving us richly so much we have enjoyed. Thank You for our children.  Please help us to continue to make intentional investments into our marriage and family so this love will only grow richer and sweeter with time. Please help us remain unconditionally committed to You which will help us remain unconditionally committed to one another.  Marriage is such an amazing part of Your plan, a beautiful picture of Your love for us.  To enjoy marriage and family as we do is such a gift.  Thank you God for Jimmy.  May I honor and love him well.  Amen.


  1. I want to see a picture of him with long hair!

  2. Sweet, sweet post. Y'all are so cute! Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer1

  3. :)It's so refreshing to see other thriving marriages, too. You two are a very precious couple, and he is also blessed to have you for a wife! Love your story.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love you guys. I remember seeing you ooey gooey in love in the driver's seat and passenger's seat of YQ vans, and at Jazz Street Cafe or Grill or whatever it was called. I love that you are still that young couple. I love a good love story. :)

  5. WOW! What an incredible love story you have told. Few marriages are that strong any more. You are blessed and you deserve it. God it good.