Monday, December 3, 2012

Reflections On A Most Favorite Week

One of my most favorite weeks of the year has come and gone.  

Thanksgiving week always seems to show up just when desperately needed, doesn't it?  After months of flying forward in full gear, we slow down to a near halt to spend time with family and give intentional thanks for God's goodness and faithfulness.  My heart felt incredible relief at the thought of that special week's plans and priorities of family time, rest, good food, and thanks.  When over, I must admit I felt a sort of sadness.  Thanksgiving week is the pinnacle of my very favorite season.  Oh, was it a good week.  I wanted to reflect and journal so I can one day remember this time that included...

A cold day at Hollywood Studios so we could show Grandpa the beautiful nativity and spectacular dancing lights on the Streets of America.  We stumbled upon this last year and had no idea the spectacle that would be right around the corner!

Hot chocolate was just right for this freezing night in Florida; her gift card from Miss Laurie treated her to her favorite face painting.

A day trip to Clearwater Beach for a much anticipated visit to see Winter the Dolphin and friends.  The four of us, my parents, Jimmy's dad, as well as my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew who had arrived from Arizona enjoyed this day together.  All three cousins absolutely love the movie Dolphin Tale, and Madi and Trevor had been waiting months for this special visit.  My dad treated all of us to an amazing day and with stunning cool breezes and warm sunshine, we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Madi and Trev even got to see Winter's prosthetic tail!

The cousins' expressions and squeals of delight during this show with Nicholas the Dolphin were completely priceless!

My Brother: "Jen, put on your sunglasses for this picture because I look good in mine."

Well, nice to know some things in life don't change.   :)

Cooking and baking for Thanksgiving while a backyard baseball game happened outside my open kitchen windows.  These are the kind of moments where I wish I could freeze time.

A bountiful Thanksgiving meal spent with family.  Backyard fun afterwards flying kites, sliding down hills in cardboard boxes, and more baseball.  The day was stunningly beautiful and time was slow and precious.

A highlight of Thankgiving week is having more cousins and friends over for Thanksgiving dessert in our home.  Always a sweet time with lots of laughter.  

This year Madi had all of our guests fill out cards she had received at church - she had specific instructions for us to list at least three things for each day of the week that we are thankful for.

Another sunny, cool day after Thanksgiving to head out to do some Christmas shopping with friends.  Came home with a few great surprises for the loves in my life.

Saturday morning breakfast and Dinosaur Bingo with family.  Such fun!

Took a few moments to capture the essence of my mom's autumn home. Gratitude abounds.

"This world is not my home.  My home's been made at Heaven's throne, this world is not my home."

Time for personal worship at my piano.  If you don't know this song look it up. You will be blessed.

"Now ransomed I am freedom's slave, my Jesus raised me from the grave."

An outing with my nephew to Radiator Springs.  Absolutely priceless!  Enjoyed some peppermint and Nutella gelato too!  Disney is just plain fun.

And at the close of the week, a few family photos while we were all together.

A treasured week.  Will hold on to these memories until the season rolls round again.

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  1. What a blessed week with your family! It looks like you had so much fun together in every activity! Your kids are some of the cutest, and you and your brother look very much alike! Beautiful family!!! All the food looks delicious, especially those desserts piled high. I also love the sign in your home saying how your thankful for unknown blessings on their way. I hope the Christmas season brings you just as many joyful times.