Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five For Friday!

One: Stopping to notice and appreciate the simple beauty.
Two: The Taco Chili was fragrant, the cornbread hot, the produce fresh.
Three: Hard to remember such a sore throat. So sick. Thankful for what comforts.
Four: Pumpkin spice chai. Easy on the throat, good for the soul.
Five: Love her style.


Resting this Friday evening!  Thankful for doctors, medicine, comfy beds, helpful family, and God's grace to get me through the last two days of subbing in PreK-3 while better but not at full strength.  

Because if I hadn't been able to make it to PreK-3, I would have probably never been told I looked like Michael Jackson.  Which in any other setting might have made me a cry a little bit, except that I knew the sweet little fellow who said it (who is one of the cutest kids ever) happens to be a huge fan of MJ, so it was a compliment.  

Funny how perspective and context can change everything!

Lesson learned.

It still makes me laugh to think about it.

Though I find myself wondering if it was the leather jacket I was wearing...

Broaden your perspective.  Spend the day with twenty 3 year olds!

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  1. I can't stop giggling about the Michael Jackson comment- the things that kids come up with to say never ceases to amaze me :) I would say it's a compliment too to be compared to one of his favorites! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. you are so cute! i love your site, i found you from the link-up. stop by and say hello sometime!