Thursday, November 15, 2012

{Gifts 15-31}

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; 
that's why they call it the present."

{Gifts 15-31}

#15 - cool, invigorating air blowing through my car windows, backseat belly laughter, and birds flying in perfect formation on the way to school

#16 - my mom's fish tacos and broccoli slaw which could rival any good restaurant

#17 - the small ways with which I am blessed to help provide and contribute 

#18 - teenagers who inspired me once again last night

#19 - a husband who leads these teenagers spiritually, patiently, and lovingly

#20 - AWANA leaders who invest into Madi and Trevor's spiritual lives each week, and help them learn the Word of God 

#21 - a warm, dry place to sleep every night

#22 - the lights on my fall tree that shine this cloudy morning

#23 - that we have never gone hungry

#24 - the diligent work of amazing teachers

#25 - how well Trevor is reading - I am in awe of what he has learned already in kindergarten 

#26 - low cost and sometimes no cost opportunities for extra fun, skill development, and learning at school

#27 - free shipping offer from American Girl that helped motivate me to begin Christmas shopping

#28 - their understanding and willingness to open piggy banks to help with a simple gift of chickens for a family across the world

#29 - how Madi eagerly packed a shoebox for an unknown teenage girl, and it so burdened her heart that her teacher came to me and said she told her all about it 

#30 - opportunities to inspire others

#31 - layers of my heart God is peeling back and revealing, and the learning and growth that takes place when we lean in and listen

For these and more I am thankful...

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  1. Your comment about sending money for chickens to families across the world reminded me of a little story. A young woman at our Church recently went on a mission trip to Haiti. She worked in an orphanage. These children had never eaten chicken before and while she was there they got their first taste of it. They actually ate bones and all. I think your kids might like to hear that story. So many lessons to be learned from these kinds of stories.