Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lots of Happy

Oh my goodness.  It is a good thing I had not put on any eye makeup before picking up Trevor from his last day of Pre-K on Thursday.  I walked into his classroom to find his two sweet teachers bawling their eyes out as they started saying their goodbyes. Which meant that all of us moms responded appropriately and started bawling our eyes out too!

It was an emotional thank you and farewell.

On our way to the van, Trevor was asking me why everyone was so sad.  I explained to him that it was because his teachers loved the students so much, and we loved them so much, and it has been such a great school year.  Trevor, always Mr. Positive, responded in his typical upbeat manner.  He kept making all sorts of "The good thing is" statements.

"The good thing is we can have a playdate with them this summer."
(He has already invited half the school staff and their families over for playdates.)

"The good thing is they will still get to see me next year."  
(Not one to lack confidence, that is for sure.)

And then he made this statement that is certain to be one to make me smile for years to come.

"The good thing is now I get to have lots of happy with you."

I know he has had lots of happy with his teachers this year.

And I recall lots of happy in summers past.

So to put things Trev's way, I'm looking forward to lots more happy as sweet summertime rolls in!

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