Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and Memorial Day

With the crazy end to the school year, I never did get to tell you about our Memorial Day!  

We had plans to go to Animal Kingdom with some friends.  Though the forecast was gloomy, we decided to go anyway - our passes are now on freeze for the summer, so this would be one of our last chances to get some Disney in for a few months.  We were up and at 'em and got to the park fairly early.  At that point, the sun was still shining and the lines were short.  We got to meet quite a few characters which the kids love doing, especially when there are no waits!

After meeting up with our friends, we set off on one of the jungle treks.  We were having fun spotting animals and finding Hidden Mickeys when the thunder started to rumble and a storm blew in mighty quickly.  Luckily there was a shelter nearby and we ran for cover.  We had no idea that our shelter would provide us a front row view of a tiger, who ended up giving us quite a show!  

We have seen a tiger or two napping or walking on this trek before, but it was from a distance, peering over the crowds. From our little shelter from the storm, the kids sat in a window mesmerized by the tiger a mere few feet away from us.  He played and stretched and ate and meandered - it was awesome!

One of his friends came over and tried to get him play ball which was so cute - but he didn't act very interested.

In fact, he decided to lie down like he was taking nap.

But then he got up...

While the other tiger took the ball to play by himself!

It was quite an experience to sit and watch these tigers from such a great vantage point.  We stayed dry, which was actually kind of silly because later we would go on the Kali River Rapids ride and get drenched, but that's another story!

Not only did we get to see the tigers, but the kids were absolutely captivated by these enormous South American fish!  Well, Trevor was!  They made Madi a little jumpy when they swam by. There were a bunch of these fellows in the water and they were huge!  

After getting soaked by the water ride and another passing storm, we decided to head home and dry off.  When we got back, my mom had a meal waiting for us.  Ribs, zucchini and squash casserole, cucumbers and tomatoes in vinegar, corn on the cob, cantaloupe, potato puff.  The produce was fresh, much of it right off the ranch of one of our church members.  It was a veritable southern feast!

And speaking of southern fare, that week I snacked on freshly picked watermelon and an ice cold bottled Coca-Cola...

And was given this box of pralines from Savannah from our sweet friend Miss Linda! She brought these back to us from her vacation and they were divinity!  I don't think this photo does the size of those pecans justice.  My, my, my.  I nibbled on these all week long.

It was a great Memorial Day and week to follow living in the land of the free and home of the brave.  We ate, played, worked, studied, learned, worshiped, celebrated, just as we are able to do year round.  We are truly and abundantly blessed.

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