Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Lessons On Encouragement

I am nearing the end of my study on encouragement.  I have heard from quite a few of you that the bits and pieces I've shared with you have encouraged you, which makes my heart very thankful!  Hopefully you can go out and share this with someone else, and help me throw that encouragement confetti around!  It has a way of sticking.  :)

I had to share a few things with you that I read the other morning.  First was this verse from Proverbs.  Listen to this...

"Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad."  Proverbs 12:25

Now, how many of you know someone who struggles with anxiety and depression?  My guess is that most of us could name several people.  Perhaps it is even you.  Now consider that God's Word says that a good word can make an anxious, depressed heart glad.  Consider the times you've had this happen or seen it happen in someone's life.  Simple kindness and genuine encouragement can go a long way in the heart of someone who is hurting.

I also loved this quote by Sheila Walsh.  She said, 

"As Christians one of the greatest temptations we face is to quit.  As I travel and meet people all over the country I hear more tales of discouragement than of blatant sin."

How true is that?  I know I've been there.  I've been so beaten down and discouraged by mean, bitter people, dreadful negativity, or stressful circumstances that I've considered just retreating and throwing in the towel.  Hiding in a corner. Quitting. those times I always go back to God's Word to find refreshment.  God will often do something powerful to show me He's in control and at work.  Sometimes He will simply whisper to my heart.  And often I'll receive a note in the mail, message on facebook, or email that says a few words of encouragement or thanks that inspire me to keep on keeping on.  

I know you've received those messages just when you've needed them too.

If you are feeling beaten down, or are the one with an anxious, depressed heart, please hear me today. Don't give up.  Don't retreat.  Face whatever it is with grace and dignity, and hold on.  It's going to get better.  This too shall pass.  And in good or bad, God is with you.  He is holding you.

And no matter whether you are up or down today, seek out someone who could use a good word to make their heart glad, as Proverbs says.  Be the one to share that word.  Be a giver of encouragement.  Be a lifter of heads.

Grace, peace, and encouragement to you friends.


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  1. Beautiful post! You're such an inspiring woman :)