Friday, May 17, 2013

Super Tired ~ Greetings From The Month Of May

I was subbing in 2nd grade last week when I saw a mom wearing a t-shirt that read...

Super Wife
Super Mom
Super Tired

It made me laugh out loud right then and there!

Because it's the very merry busy month of May and I know most of us can relate! Okay, it's merry too.  It really is. But I go into May each year knowing it's going to be a whirlwind as we make our way down the home stretch of the school year.  It's a busy time not only at school, but at church and within the community.  We've had a dance program, art fair, music concert, volunteer breakfast, youth group gathering, and two reading ceremonies.  We still have field day and water day and a biography project to finish and a planet project to start and a pool party and senior breakfast and senior awards and a ladies meeting and this Sunday my husband speaks at the baccalaureate ceremony for the local high school.

I'm sure I'm missing something.

Oh yes, that field trip.

These are the weeks I am thankful for frozen pizza and stir fry, Subway sandwiches and parents who run down emergency toilet paper when it gets desperate over here, grace upon grace and finding clean socks for Trev, even if they are mismatched.

It's a season.

A wonderful, full, exhausting one.

I am watching my kids grow and flourish right before my eyes.  It is unbelievable.

I am ending my days feeling like I can hardly keep my eyes open (though this terrible sinus infection I've been fighting is not helping).

I am snapping photos so we can look back and remember these celebrations and ceremonies one day when they grow up and our calendar has more empty spaces.

Amidst this full calendar my husband and I carved out a day to sit side by side, talk face to face, and breathe. Intentional marriage takes planning, and sometimes flexibility (our original date day was changed as we were needed at a funeral).  God gave us an exquisite day at the beach, not a cloud in the sky!  He so generously and graciously restores our souls.

And next weekend we have a surprise planned for the kids. I've been holding it in for weeks now and can hardly stand it!  There are more fun memories to be made and I cannot wait!  Don't you just love surprises?!  I know Madi does - she let me know on Mother's Day.  The famous Miss Sandi at church made these with her students on Mother's Day morning.  It was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received!  Very interesting to see through the eyes of your child what they love and appreciate about you.

So to all you other super moms super tired moms (or teachers) out there making your way through May, I have three words of encouragement to leave you with...

Summer is coming!!!

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