Thursday, May 9, 2013

First On My List

Trevor has always had a very unique way with words.  I know through the years I've shared many of his notable quotables that were either tender or hilariously funny.  He's always had his own little way of viewing the world and putting thoughts into words that I love, and I've often laughed at and learned from his one of a kind statements.

Monday night held one of his precious moments.  I had already tucked him into bed and settled in my green chair when he called me in for one more hug.  When I squeezed him tight I told him for the thousandth time that he is my favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

He responded with this Trevorism that I never want to forget.

"But God is first on your list, right?"

Oh, child.  Yes.  Yes, God is "first on my list," and He makes all the difference.  I would be hopeless apart from Him.  There is nothing like having your soul anchored on the Rock of Ages, your life and family built on that solid foundation.  Jimmy's and my greatest desire is that our children would make God the highest priority of their lives, that they would live each and every day for Him.

That He would be first on their list, as someone wise once said.

Trevor, I love you.  God has used you to change my life.  He really has.


  1. I think Trevor sees your light shining! Amen!


  2. Precious!! You've taught them well:)