Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last Week In A Glimpse

*You would not have believed the excitement over this super simple breakfast.  It was even said that I cook the "best things in the universe" by the pickiest eater in the house!  But I must admit, warm blueberry muffins, bacon, and coffee make a home smell amazing.

*It was definitely a week for sea life around here.  Between dolphins dancing at Epcot and sea creatures galore on Madi's field trip to the aquarium, we got to take in some pretty fantastic views of God's creation this week.

*The past few days have been sunny and just gorgeous, but gray skies and chillier weather earlier in the week made hot cocoa the perfect homework companion.

*I was given this scarf by a sweet lady in our church and think it is so pretty.  Such a nice was cozy and cheerful on a cool day!

*My mom and I did a little sale shopping and she bought me this great little blazer for $10.  Loving it!!

I don't know about you, but I was thankful to be in the Lord's house today and in His Word.  What a blessing to worship freely.  Tonight finds me extra exhausted and ready to turn in very soon...a new week has begun and we will see what it holds!

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