Monday, January 14, 2013

{Gifts 32-55}

#32 - back porch basketball games

#33 - sharing the simple pleasure of the "little black dress" with her

#34 - the opportunity to teach her class for a couple of days

#35 - breathing in the scent of their freshly shampooed hair

#36 - family dinners around our table

#37 - praying for someone in need we don't know, explaining to them why we pray for people in need even if we don't know them, hearing him pray tonight "for the boy I don't know...knowing God hears those prayers

#38 - that song, that one song that you can't stop playing, and what it does to your soul

#39 - when God whispers grace on your heart in the middle of the day at school

#40 - 2 Samuel 22:31

#41 - breezes at recess

#42 - prayers at 11:11

#43 - feeling a hug around your knees at school and looking down to see the precious face of a three year old who asks, "When will you teach my twass again?"

#44 - chocolate, enough said

#45 - a more organized closet (finally faced that challenge)

#46 - tons of laundry finished, and not worrying that the baskets will still never be empty

#47 - slowly learning to remain and rest

#48 - the fragrance and taste of the pork roast that had cooked away in my crockpot all day while I was working

#49 - hearing and watching my daughter bravely and joyfully speak into a microphone to testify of her recent salvation and baptism

#50 - salmon and tuna and vegetables and olives

#51 - making it through an incredibly busy week and knowing it is because of His strength

#52 - his massage when my head ached

#53 - all the beautiful weather that blessed us with a much welcomed lower utilities bill

#54 - the incredibly encouraging message from someone faraway that came at exactly the right time

#55 - stopping to breathe and realizing once more that it's all grace

For these and more, I am thankful....

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