Saturday, December 3, 2011

To Celebrate A Jedi

In all the busyness of the past month, I realized I never journaled about the Star Wars Party we threw to celebrate Trevor's 5th birthday!  It was quite the occasion with lots of guests, lots of activities from a galaxy long ago and far away, and lots of boys!  

I used Star Wars cutters my cousin gave us from Williams Sonoma to make gingerbread X-Wing andTIE Fighters. (I can't even believe I know what these things are, it's amazing what a little boy will do to you!)  

The homemade gingerbread cookies, puzzles, and gift bags filled with other Star Wars goodies went home as treats for our fellow Jedi guests...

I made cupcakes topped with Star Wars picks (also from Williams Sonoma) - chocolate per the birthday boy's request...

And used an idea my mom saw online somewhere to make Yoda Sodas - lime sherbet with Sprite - complete with Star Wars cups and green straws for our little guests.  These were a hit with young and old!

I used yarn and paint to make a Princess Leia pumpkin and Jimmy used a guide to carve a Yoda pumpkin since his birthday falls on Halloween weekend....

And I used another idea my mom found online and painted a soccer ball pinata gray so we could "Destroy The Death Star" - this ended up being super fun, and the older boys graciously hit the pinata softly so in the end, Trev (with Daddy's help) could destroy the Death Star!

At the last minute I used round confetti I had purchased at the party store to make a Bingo game - who new how much boys loved to play Bingo?  This was also a hit!!  The confetti made perfect chips.

Trev fought an epic battle with Darth Vader (also known as Paw Paw) which was one of many lightsaber battles throughout the evening...

My uncle bought Trev a Star Wars cake - he has volunteered to buy several cakes through the years for the kids, I think he gets a kick out of surprising them with one which is neat.

At the end of the night, Trev opened a bunch of really fun presents from his buddies young and old, all Star Wars related which was special!

It was an action-packed celebration and my little fellow went to bed so happy about his party, which made my heart happy.

And now I know, among other things, how to properly celebrate a Jedi.  :)

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  1. What a totally amazing party! My boys both loved and still love Star Wars and they are 25 and 29 years old!