Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Charlie Brown Tree Is Up

It's on the piano in our music room, in fact - the very first Christmas decoration I put up. I just couldn't resist this cute little thing!

 I actually thought it might be our only Christmas decoration (which was going to be quite fitting) because we are going to be doing some traveling this month and I wasn't sure if I would be able to decorate the house in time.  I had just about convinced myself to wait until we were back to a normal schedule to deck the halls, but then I kept thinking how nice it would be to have our home cozy and sparkling in that special way unique to this I came to a sort of compromise with myself.  I pulled out my little trees and instead of taking down all the boxes from the attic, I went up there and pulled out a few decorations and favorite trinkets.  I did not set up a big tree or go through the loads of ornaments I usually hang each year, many of which are sentimental to me.  It is a simplified version of what I normally do, but I must say things are indeed cozy and sparkling and actually, I love it!  This is my view from my green chair as I write...

Calm and bright, after a long and somewhat hectic day.  Hopefully I will be able to share some more photos of my Christmas nest with you soon, our days have just been so full I have had very little time at a computer the past few weeks.  It's funny, as I was decorating I was giving myself a little pep talk about how I was simplifying things this year and how I was sure it would still be nice when my husband piped in and said, "Yes, we are only using eight trees this year, I think somehow we'll manage to feel like its Christmas."

Um, so technically there are more than eight trees... but they are little y'all, just little old tiny trees!!  We laughed.  I guess when it comes to Christmas decorating, simplifying is a relative term!  It's just such a wonderful time of year, with the most wonderful Reason of all to celebrate, and a cozy, twinkling home helps me stop to focus on the wonder of it all.  My breath was taken away earlier this evening when we stepped outside and I saw the sun setting from my view on our driveway....

This time of year brings some of the most glorious sunsets.  Just another reason to pause and be amazed.

During the hustle and bustle of this blessed month, I want to take moments to stop and be still, to soak it all in, to be filled with reverent wonder.  I have been thinking about a lyric in the old carol It Came Upon A Midnight Clear and even put it on a canvas in our music room...

Such a poignant line.  I close my eyes and try to picture the world on that night, solemnly still, listening to those angels singing glory to God in the highest.  I try to imagine the tension between Heaven and Earth as Christ entered the world.  Try to imagine the reverence, the joy, the quiet, the celebration song.

This is such an incredible time of year.  Celebrate.  Make a thousand memories.  But at night after the sun dips down and the trees in your home sparkle in the quiet, take a few moments to sit in solemn stillness...and listen for those angels singing.

Welcome, December!  We have waited for you all year long.


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