Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Sincerity (From The Hearts of My Children)

Tonight was one of those nights where I had some wonderfully insightful conversations with my kids.  They started on our way home from church and then resumed when saying bedtime prayers by the twinkling lights of Trevor's Christmas tree.

One of the neatest moments was when my daughter, whose soul is a deep well, very seriously told me something her teacher had told her in church this morning.  She said in a quiet and meaningful voice...

Today Miss Sandi said what if it was our birthday but on that day no one talked to us or said anything to us or gave us anything, but just ignored us.  That would be so sad.  But that's what happens to Jesus all the time on his birthday.  And we should do something for Jesus on his birthday, I mean we could make him a big cake and give him his own a plate for it and everything.  I mean, Christmas is not just about getting presents.  It's about giving, and about Jesus' birthday.

Now, you moms out there know how your heart feels when you see glimpses that the important truths you are trying to teach your kids are starting to sink in.  My heart felt thankful for my daughter's tender heart in that moment, and also thankful for teachers like Miss Sandi who are reinforcing what we are trying to teach and model to our children in ways that are making them think past Sunday morning.

Then by the lights of the twinkling tree, Trev very seriously chimed in with this...

If it was night and dark and I was in that stable, and Jesus hadn't died on the cross yet, I would give him a lightsaber.  I would give him one and play with him.

Which means he would be giving Jesus the best gift he knows to give.

I found their Christmas sincerity, unique to who they each are, so refreshing.

A piece of cake on his very own plate, a lightsaber and a playmate...I wonder what I should give to Jesus this Christmas.

Trev's tree with his Star Wars R2D2 ornament front and center.

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