Thursday, November 7, 2013

So This Happened Today...

I was standing outside the classroom door, waiting for my reading class to come in.

A fourth grade student walks by on the way to her reading class and we have this brief, but meaningful conversation.

Student:  What did you do to your hair?

Me: Um, I don't know, something different I guess?

Student: Oh....well, it looked pretty yesterday!  

Yesterday.  As in not today.

If I had any question at all about how my hair looked, I realized it was pretty much answered right then and there at 8:02 am.

Also pretty sure that early morning text requesting me to sub didn't leave me quite enough time to beautify.

So, yeah!

How was your hair today?!  Or yesterday, if that helps?!



  1. Cute story. Thanks for sharing. But I do believe your hair looks beautiful everyday.


  2. This is why whenever my 2 year old daughter tells me she likes my hair, or my face, and starts petting me- I take it has a huge compliment! Thanks for sharing!