Wednesday, August 7, 2013

These Things He Says

He's growing up on me, but he still says the most precious things.  He's always had a unique way with words, and often the adorable or profound will come out of nowhere.

Like two weeks ago when we were driving home from youth group.  Jimmy was in his car and the kids and I were making our way around the lake in our old van when out of the blue my son says, "I just love Daddy.  Mommy, you picked a good husband."

I had to agree.  I am ever so thankful for the man who leads our family on this journey. I appreciate more than ever his kindness, integrity, faithfulness, and unwavering love and commitment to God and our family.  I am beyond grateful for the godly husband and father his little eyes are watching.  I sure am glad I "picked" him ~ and that he picked me!  God has been so gracious.

Several weeks ago we had tucked in covers and said prayers and I had barely left the room when my little guy called me back in.  "What do you need?" I asked.  
"I just need to snuggle you because you're my mom.  And I want to snuggle
 God in my heart."

What he doesn't know is how tightly I want to hold on.  Or how thankful I am that he is in the grip of Grace.  Or how much I pray he will always cling to God with all his might, and "snuggle Him" forever in his heart.

I want to remember these things he says because no one says them quite like him.
He has a view of God and life and love all his own ~ it is unfiltered and pure and a breath of fresh air to my soul.


  1. beautiful! thank you for your encouraging, sweet posts!

  2. Just so precious. He is a sweet boy! My Jayden is naturally affectionate, and I melt when he is seriously sweet with me. Awe!
    I love your wholesome, God-filled, uplifting blog and how you share your family and heart! Your life shines of Christ.

  3. "I just need to snuggle you because you're my mom. And I want to snuggle God in my heart." this is so precious! Thank you for sharing!